In the words of one of our competitors, Comtest is a bit different. How different?
We are an independent company, owned and managed by research professionals.
Our sole focus is bringing together the different disciplines of research marketing and communication with market.
Our industry specialization model means we have an intimate understanding of your brands, your consumers and your marketplace.

We go beyond the numbers and quotes to identify a course of action that will lead to stronger in-market results.
We challenge, inspire and stimulate your thinking, not just validate your thinking.
And because of this, we work with you as a true marketing partner, resulting in more actionable business recommendations than are traditionally provided in the market research industry.

«bridge the gap between customer insight and management action»

There is constant change and fierce competition within the markets. Comtest can provide clarity and confidence. We believe that market research helps understand the drivers of decision making and can strengthen enterprise equity. By focusing on the full spectrum of the dynamics involved in making choices —and especially why those are made— we can help our clients make better choices too. Providing clients with this accurate knowledge will help them achieve measurable and enduring performance improvements.
We study people. Specifically, why people make the decisions they do and how our clients can best influence those decisions.
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